Children's Study Initiative

Devoted to Children with Learning Disabilities

Mathematics Disorder (Dyscalculia) is characterised by:

Confusion between similar numbers
Difficulty in understanding basic mathematical concepts
Mirror writing of numbers
Incorrect problem solving strategies
Mistakes in telling time
Inability to recognise and understand symbols

Disorder of Written Expression (Dysgraphia)has the following features:

Poor and illegible handwriting
Improper spacing of letters / words / lines
Phonetical spelling for words
Slow writing skills
Mirror writing
Grammatical errors
Mistakes even while copying

Reading Disorder (Dyslexia)manifests with these features:

Reading achievement is below the expected level for a child’s age, education and intelligence
Poor reading or inability to read
Guesses difficult words
Misses out words or lines
Repeats words and sentences
Confusing similar words
Sequencing errors was/saw, on/no
Reversals b for d, u for n, m for w

Language development in children occur according the following schedule approximately:

Language development at 6 Months:

Vocalization with intonation
Responds to human voices without visual cues by turning his head and eyes

Language development at 12 Months:

Uses one or more words with meaning
Understands simple instructions

Language development at 18 Months:

Has vocabulary of approximately 5-20 words

Language development at 2 years:

Can name a number of objects common to his surroundings
Approximately 2/3 of what child says should be intelligible
Vocabulary of approximately 150-300 words
My and mine are beginning to emerge

Language development at 3 years:
Knows chief parts of body and should be able to indicate these if not name
Handles three word sentences easily
Vocabulary of approximately 900-1000 words
About 90% of what child says should be intelligible