Children's Study Initiative

Devoted to Children with Learning Disabilities

Education is an important wealth which a person can have in this world. In the modern competitive world in which academic achievements are considered important, scholastic backwardness causes tremendous stress for the students. Academic stresss in children can present as physical, behavioural or emotional problems. Physical symptoms can be in the form of severe pain anywhere in the body (pain disorder). Pain disorder in children usually presents as severe head ache, abdominal pain, back ache, chest pain or pain in the limbs. All the investigations will be normal and the symptoms will be relieved with analgesics. This condition is called somatoform pain disorder and is usally managed with psychological therapies. Children can also have other types of somatoform disorders like somatoform autonomic disorder on facing stressful situations in which the child presents with symptoms related to the organs innervated by autonomic nervous system like cardivascular symptoms, gastrointestinal symptoms, respiratory or genitourinary symptoms. The anxiety related to the stress have to be managed through psychological therapies inorder get relief.

Stress related to exams can occur in chidren with scholastic backwardness as well as children with good academic performance if they become overanxious or overambitious. If the child is scholastically backward, he/she should get the help of professionals in child guidance to find out the underlying etiology. If there is learning disorder, remedial education should be started.

Self esteem of the children should be improved through counselling and they should be motivated to improve their academic performance. Parents should never compare the academic performance of their children with their classmates or peer group. They should support the child having academic stress and help the child to overcome the learning problem.

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